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Water Projects

company logo Tazehkand storage dam

Construction of TAZEHKAND Dam and Axillary Structures

company logo Excavation and Grouting of the Galleries and Grout Curtain of Karoon -4 Dam

Karun-4 power plant and Reservoir Dam is located in Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari Province of Karun River with the aim of supplying hydroelectric energy and upstream flood control of Karun-3 dam.

company logo Yamchi dam water catchment

Drinking water catchment of Yamchi dam design

company logo Execution and lining of Gavoshan Water Transfer Tunnel

The aim of executing Gavoshan tunnel is transferring Kaveh River's water from Gavoshan Dam to Kamyaran city to irrigate 21,000 hectares of Bilevar & Mian Darband fields and supply about 63 million cubic meters of Kermanshah city potable water.

company logo Masjedsoleyman dam rehabilitation

the operation of repair and rehabilitation and strengthening of the maintenance system in the powerhouse cavern, the transformers, and the trenches on the right side of the dam.

company logo Anahita storage dam

Completing the operation of constructing Anahita storage dam and installing affiliated equipment