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Message from the Chairman of the Board


At the current time, the construction industry is considered as one of the most important economic advancements of the countries. Since the economic growth of most countries in the world has been in recession and crisis in recent years, subsequently the construction industry has suffered.

At this time, Omran Maroon Engineering Company, a large contractor company in the country and region, has used its experience and successful resume of 18 years in developing large-scale high technology projects, identifying existing challenges, and effective and systematic planning to meet the challenges of this crisis and creating favourable conditions. By providing high quality technological advances, having expert human resources, paying attention to professional ethics, commitment and taking into account the principle of client satisfaction, Omran Maroon Engineering Company has been able to obtain a very good record in the country and in the region.

We believe that with development and diversity in providing engineering and contracting services, we can award more opportunities in the market to ourselves and enter new horizons of competition. Therefore, Omran Maroon Engineering Company with reliance on its own strategies in attracting investors, clients and other contractors as well as extending corporation with reputable international companies, has succeeded in expanding its services in the country and the region, which has resulted in establishment of offices in Oman, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan in order to participate in the Middle East and Asian markets.

We believe in maintaining our environment and adhering to safety and occupational health to protect human resources, which is considered to be the most valuable capital of any company, as a fundamental principle.

It is an honour that Omran Maroon Engineering Company, while ranked first in most contracting branches, remains committed to its role as a professional contracting company, and is still keen on cooperating with new clients and continuing to work with current clients.