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Sangtuda-2 Dam and Hydropower Plant Status : In Process

Sangtuda-2 Dam and Hydropower Plant is located in southwestern of Tajikestan Republic in Dangarinskiy part of khalton Region and 180 kilometers far from Dushanbe.
Sangtuda-2 is intended for a work in United Electric Energy system of the central Asia. The contract has been turned over to Omran Maroon Eng. Co. in 2007/07/25 issued with letter No. 400/7008 for construction of the temporary diversion system, dam body,spillway ,inlet and Hydropower Plant building by Farab Co. These construction operations have been forcasted to take 43 monthes to complete.

Owner: Farab Co. – International Farab Co.
Consultant: Mahab Ghods Engineering Company
Contractor: Omran maroon Engineers Company

Technical Specification

Dam Type: earth fill dam with clay core
Dam Height from river bed: 31.5 m
Dam Crest length: 385 m
Spillway Type: gated
Hydropower Plant Type: run-of-river
Number of Powerhouse units: 2 units
Unit Capacity: 110 Mega Watts
Average Annual Output: 932 Giga Watts


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